Sakiru (seemepout) wrote in face_it,


i love this community so much lol it's pretty funny!

please don't make fun of my cross-eyes. the awesome color they are makes up for their cross :(

::wink wink:: what's this look like?

my bf, isnt he hot?

n e way, back 2 me

lol so stonnnnnnned

my kitty, Yetti

i love this effect!

i love my nose, it's so tiny and perfect.

my lips are so beautiful.

don't i look like angelia jolie? her jaw is so big, i have to push mine out to make definition.

should i do something with my hair?

my bf loves this one.

i really think i look like angelina...

me with glasses!

isn't my friend rebecca hot, too?

k...i LOVE this one

I think this last one is the best picture of me be totally shallow and vain.
I look like i get it...and perhaps a little drunk...this is my personality whether anyone agrees or not.
its nice to have a personal favorite.

pwease let me in guys? ::wink::
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