You Think You Have What It Takes?

Think Again!

Face it
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The Rules:

- Post your A:S:L: (meaning age, sex, location)
- tell us, do YOU think you can handle negative response?? or are you going to whine + get all pissy?!!!
- tell us, why do you think you should be a part of this community??
(as in: are you going to be active?? or any other reasons why! you let us know!)

- obviously post pictures! you will need at least 3 to even think of getting votes! & make sure you have those with your whole face showing! k??? thanks.
- you must promote to 1 community and 2 friends, then in the APPLICATION tell us who you promoted to!!! (NO, your own journal doesn't count!! just so you know, but it doesnt hurt to promote there too!)

**please put one question + and answer per line so
its easier for us to read, meaning NO paragraphs!! :D**

+ Don't vote until you are stamped!
+ Don't erase your post because you do not like what people have to say...no pussies are allowed here!
+ if you were recomended here, please tell us who told you about us!

+ no Advertising other communities here, but advertise ours ANYWHERE possible. ;)
+ if you at anytime decide to leave the community, then decide that you really want to be a part, you will have to re-apply, meaning you might not be accepted back in.

+ once you are a member you must put face_it [&/or the stamp] in your userinfo! + put face_it in your interests list. thanks!
+ our big things once accepted, PROMOTE - PROMOTE - PROMOTE. don't you want to be part of an active community??


Shannon tarotsorceress

Heather snow_lush ;; aim: Ferg Gurl 002

Accepted Members:

_- _alreadydead, _chubbs, _changeofscene, _inside_out, _nonconformist_
A- all_my_regrets, amberoriginal, angelzrealm, angie_baby02, arzaggio
B- baah_sheep, blind_it, bondeabon
C- caity3771, candy_c0ated, cementloveriot, cheer_britt04, curcusenvy, curlyred24
D- dancecrazed1, disturbedfetish
E- eamethan, erinii
F- fadeintodark, falsify, fuck_with_fire
G- gimmesomemore, glitterprinxess
H- hockeycutiex06
I- i_am_the_movie, iamsupergirl97, i_drink_febreze, irishnightfairy, itarilyni
L- lasttears, libertyexchange, like__a__prayer, lost_in_ureyez, lovelyromance, lynz_420
M- mofizzel, my_lostandfound
N- nokissgoodbye
P- pinkroos, prankerking, pretendlove, profileofadream
R- retardedasshole, row_azn_row, roxxi, roxygurl430
S- saraghina, sariberryswirl, selfish_bitch, sexasm, sincelastnight, snowbunny101, snow_lush, s0mething_m0re, str4wberry18, subtleblasphemy, sulleby, sweetcajunspice, sweetp285
T- tarotsorceress, bb874
W- wastedxtears,
X- xattentionwhrex, xxbittersweet, xxfallenstarsxx

Member of the Month: to be member of the month you should be an active member.. among other things. if you think you should be M.O.T.M, let us know why a few days before the month changes. who knows, maybe next month you'll be choosen. keep trying ;] you must put your M.O.T.M. stamp in your user info as well, we put time into making these, + you should be proud of it

This Month:

Catherine profileofadream

past members of the month:

June and July (because community was inactive for awhile): Jessica cementloveriot
May: Lynz lynz_420
April: Jordan saraghina
March: Corinda curlyred24
February: Nelle emozione
January: Cady i_drink_febreze